Electronic Producer Hologramme Releases ‘Slow’

Electronic Producer Hologramme Releases ‘Slow’

Versatile Canadian producer and arranger Hologramme is back with a new single ‘Slow’, released on the 30th of August 2023 via his own imprint Société Holographique de Montréal. With over 5.2 million streams across all platforms, the enigmatic musician cannot be confined to one genre. His music has featured in major films such as Jockey, alongside Aaron Dessner, a film which premiered at Sundance. He’s also appeared at Piknic Electronik (Montreal), and Timeless Festival in South Africa, alongside heavyweights such as Royksopp and Tycho, as well as Montreal Jazz Fest in 2022 where he headlined to over 3000+ attendees. In addition to this, he’s toured in support of the likes of Fakear and Mome,  and is currently showing no signs of slowing down.

Defined by a constant search for love in all things, Hologramme’s music translates into unique dreamlike and cinematic soundscapes, utilizing warm synths, intricate textures and deep basslines. Having had a fairly musical upbringing, pushed into piano by his parents, he left for Berlin in 2018, embarking on an inspirational excursion to the world’s electronic music capital. Here, Clément buried himself in the studio, eventually emerging as Hologramme, with his debut album ‘Felicity’ in hand.

With his third album coming in less than a month, the Montreal producer applies a singer-songwriter instinct to his latest single. Having previously released tracks focused on club environments, Hologramme surprises us again, unveiling his voice for the first time. In an act of vulnerability, an unusual approach for electronic music, Hologramme gives in to emotions and sensitivity. ‘Slow’ is a discordant, and distorted electronic love story. Punchier and more adventurous, it’s also beautifully atmospheric and nostalgic at the start, with a myriad of modular synthesizers and plush soundscapes akin to the likes of Tycho and Com Truise. Then, the bridge appears as the vibe gives way to high energy drums and an acid-like arp sequence. It’s experimental, personal, and emotional.

Speaking on the track itself, Hologramme had this to say: “With this new song, I reveal a new meaning to my music, something I’ve never done before. I’ve always been shy with my voice. Because of false beliefs, because I thought I had nothing to say. It only takes one heartbreak to write a good love song and hopefully, I’ve had a few. I have no intention of turning my career over, I just felt this song was meant to be and the lyrics came right at me. As a producer, it’s so liberating to know I can create the sound that I want with no restrictions. I have so much fun reinventing my art, I won’t stop, it’s my way of not getting bored. Check out of our previous articles here.

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