Dua Lipa: “Houdini”

Dua Lipa: “Houdini”

Superstar Dua Lipa has made a comeback in the music industry with her latest release titled “Houdini” creating a new era for the artist. 

Discussed in recent interviews with the singer, “Houdini” describes the feeling of a late night out coming to an end. With playful, light, and fun beats shining through, it embraces the artists musical style while also setting the stage for what is coming next for the pop star. 

The debut of this single follows her Future Nostalgia album released in 2020. With the star keeping us well entertained during the COVID-19 pandemic, she has been booked and busy ever since. In recent news, her song “Dance The Night” featured in this year’s Barbie movie has been on the top charts and has only made fans wanting more. 

Looking back at her old hits such as “Levitating,” “One Kiss,” and “IDGAF” we are able to see and recognize how much the artist has grown and has truly found her sound. As she has continued her journey as an artist the past couple years, she is ready for something new.

Within this new era for Dua Lipa, we can expect some more electronic dance aspects, while also sticking to her pop roots. Along with that, a new album from the artist is on the way for the year of 2024. Predicting that we will see a more personal side of the artist and assuming more top chart hits. 

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As we have seen the pop star come more and more out of her shell over the years, she has become unstoppable in the music industry. With her unique vocals and sound, there is no doubt we can look forward to seeing more from her in the future. 
Check out “Houdini” below on Spotify, or find it anywhere you get your music!

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