International Women’s Day With Connie Kaldor

International Women’s Day With Connie Kaldor

Considered one of Canada’s finest writers, Connie Kaldor announces her newest single “The Woman Who Pays.” The song is available everywhere on March 8th and comes as a means of honoring International Women’s Day. The single demonstrates the many experiences women endure and is also accompanied by a livestream concert whose profits will go to Montreal’s women’s shelter, Chez.

Connie Kaldor: A Pioneer for Women

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Connie Kaldor has found success in much of her music. Kaldor has been a consistent advocate for women’s rights and has used her music to also bring light to the many issues women face. Many of her songs embody a feminine oriented point of view. It reflects on the lack of attention to female emotions and experiences; however, it doesn’t just focus on the negatives. Kaldor’s music garners attention on the many positives and negatives when it comes to the average woman’s life. She is known for lyrically speaking about the humorous, heartwarming, and even horrific affairs tied to femininity. Kaldor has applied emotion to her lyricism and melodies creating songs that hold immense impact. Some example tracks of this emotive music include “Jerks” and “Missing and Gone.”

“The Woman Who Pays” Review: 

Inspired by a late friend of her daughter-in-law who was murdered in an act of domestic violence, the single encapsulates what it means to be a woman. The track covers domestic violence and addresses the various layers of abuse. It is a gender-based take on this violence and honors these women through a mixture of subtle guitar-lines and western-esque vocals. The song carries an almost airy harmony with a straightforward rhythm that has this western film feel. However, there is a disastrous beauty in what she sings. The lyrics are dramatic and put emphasis on the staggering pains women in these violent scenarios endure. The song is impactful, soothing, and will leave listeners thinking about this silenced issue for hours. 

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