Clay and Friends ‘AGUA EP’ Review

Clay and Friends ‘AGUA EP’ Review

Photo By Felipe Arriagada Via Clay and Friends, @clayandfriends

Clay and Friends recently released their newest AGUA EP. Mike Clay who is known for his impeccable songwriter skills is joined by his good friends Clement Langlois-Legare, the lead guitarist, Pascal Boisseau, the bass player, Emile Desilets, a magician on the keyboards, and his day one Adel Kazi. Together the five of them make up their band Clay and Friends. Clay and Friends gives you a sound that resonates with hip-hop, soul, and funk.  AGUA consists of 6 tracks that you will want to listen to full through. 

Track 1: “Bouge ton thang”

First is, “Bouge ton thang,” French for “Move your thang.” Through this song we get to see Clay and Friends bring out their funk style. This song makes you want to get up and dance like there’s no tomorrow. The chorus goes,

 “Move your thang/Like there’s no one else here/Get high to get down, come on/Move your thang/ Like there’s no one else here/Oh, I’m so glad you can stay now.” 

When you are looking to have a good time, “Bouge ton thang” is the song to listen to.

Track 2: “Que Onda”

Second is, “Que Onda,” Portugese for “What a Wave.” When discussing “Que Onda,” Clay and Friends described it as “Don’t go chasing waterfalls. It’s almost always worth the hangover.” Clay and Friends are singing “What a wave you are.” When listening to the upbeat track “Que Onda” remember to keep your head up and not to go chasing waterfalls.

Track 3: “Cardin”

Third, “Cardin,” is a special track on AGUA because it is one of the two tracks has a feature. Marilyne Leonard features on this slower track. Cardin as Clay and Friends described it is about being mostly made of water so your mood changes with the moon. The chorus goes,

“I wish you’d told me before/Sorry that we ran out of time/I got the best of you/Got the rest of me/I wish you’d told me before/Oh the more it changes the more it stays the same.”

Track 4: “Ahorita”

Fourth, “Ahorita,” translating to “In a little while,” is one of the most popular tracks off the EP. This track was released as a single, prior to the release of AGUA. The chorus of this track goes like,

“I been running for myself smiling for the cheese/Wanna slow it down smoking Lebanese yeah/But goes to ways/Dying to live another day/Take a moment Ahorita/Oh Ahorita I just lost my way/Take a moment Ahorita/Oh Ahorita what a perfect day.”

Track 5: “Repete”

Fifth, “Repete,” is the second track on the EP that has a feature. Montreal-based artist, Claire Ridgeley features on “Repete”. This is one of my person favorites because as Clay and Friends describe it this song is about “Doing it for yourself especially when no one is looking.” During the chorus Clay and Friends sing,

“Work sue move, Repeat/Work sue move, Repeat/Back and forth, Repeat/It’s good, Repeat/It’s good, Repeat.   

Track 6: “Grandes Idees”

The sixth and final track “Grandes Idees” translates to “Big Ideas.” The title speaks for itself, as this track is about big ideas you have in life and fighting to make your dream last forever. The intro of this song says,

“These are the Big Ideas/These are the Big Ideas/Small hours of the morning/When time flies/Oh/Yeah Yeah.”                                                                                                                

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