Chris Stapleton Single “Think I’m In Love With You”

Chris Stapleton Single “Think I’m In Love With You”

On September 8th, Chris Stapleton released a new single titled, “Think I’m In Love With You,” promoting his upcoming album.

Chris Stapleton has been in the works of releasing an album titled, Higher, on November 10th and with fans anxiously awaiting, the singer decided to release a single to give his fans a little preview of what to look forward to.

The last album the artist released was back in 2020, titled, Starting Over. Featuring hit songs such as “You Should Probably Leave,” “Starting Over,” and “Joy of My Life.”

Known for his smooth, country, raspy voice, Chris Stapleton is on the move for a future tour following his newest upcoming album. During the tours, Stapleton gives off an unforgettable performance. Featuring his live guitar skills and voice, audience members eat up every second wanting more.

Overall, Chris Stapleton releasing a single from his upcoming album is just the beginning of a new chapter for him. Being in the music industry for many years now, he is ready to keep going and to keep touring.

With tickets selling out fast, make sure Chris Stapleton is next on your concert list!

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Tour Dates Below!
10/5/2023: Charlottesville, VA
10/6/2023: State College, PA
10/7/2023: Long Island, NY
10/12/2023: Corpus Christi, TX
10/13/2023: Houston, TX
10/14/2023: Lafayette, LA
10/19/2023: San Antonio, TX
10/20/2023: Austin, TX
10/21/2023: Austin, TX
10/26/2023: Tulsa, OK
10/27/2023: Dallas, TX
10/28/2023: Dallas, TX
5/4/2024: Indianapolis, IN
5/11/2024: Jacksonville, FL
5/25/2024: Ames, IA
6/1/2024: Charlotte, NC
6/8/2024: East Rutherford, NJ
6/29/2024: Salt Lake City, UT
7/13/2024: Detroit, MI
7/20/2024: Chicago, IL
12/7/2024: Las Vegas, NV

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