Is Chopped & Screwed Getting Gentrified?

Is Chopped & Screwed Getting Gentrified?


Houston legend DJ Screw is the originator of chopped & screwed. Chopped & reverb is simply the whitewashed version.

According to pitchfork, the “originator of the “slowed + reverb” phenomenon, a simple DIY remixing style that has thrived on YouTube in recent years.” The originator happens to be a teen from Houston, the origin of chopped & screwed music.

Slater, the “originator,” does not credit DJ Screw for the birth of chopped & screw in his TikTok videos, which caused a backlash from the Houston community last night.

Many Houstonians argued the language around slowed + reverb was an erasure of chopped & screwed music. To add insult to injury, another Tiktok star created a video saying slowed + reverb was a new concept:

Houstonians and DJ Screw fans alike took to Twitter to voice their frustration.

As a native Houstonian, I do not have a problem with people making chopped & screwed songs; however, I do have a problem with the disrespect of Houston culture. Whether it be chopped & screwed or chopped & slopped songs, the music originated by Black Houston artists. Let’s not disregard the chopped and screwed king’s legacy.

RIP DJ Screw! Check out one of his screwtape below:

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