Cade Hoppe ‘Just Look At The Moon’

Cade Hoppe ‘Just Look At The Moon’

New York-based indie-pop artist Cade Hoppe is back with a new EP, Just Look at the Moon, released on all platforms.

“The EP is a lot about loneliness, uncertainty, and inevitability,” said Hoppe. “It’s about having this determination to do something of importance, while grappling with what that even means and the consequences of trying to get there.”

The singer found his start in the music world by growing up playing the piano and the saxophone, “Once I figured out how to write a song I just fell in love with that way of expressing myself,” said Hoppe.

“At this point it’s not really a choice, I love making music so much and pretty much never stop.” – Hoppe

After a year or so in the works, the artist released his EP on November 3rd and is available anywhere you get your music!

The first song the artist wrote for the EP was “Moon” and the rest were “Inspired and informed by that one and the feelings I was writing about,” said Hoppe. The song “Moon” is about the feeling of loneliness and the complex emotions that come along with it. 

“It’s this idea that once you embark on the journey of trying to ‘make it’—the journey of ‘becoming a star’—you are neither the person you are trying to be nor the person you were,” said Hoppe. “And the people that always knew you as the person you were can feel that shift, which can bring consequences that feel isolating.”

In just a few short years, the 23-year-old has gone from writing songs in his bedroom to working alongside a variety of different musicians and producers. In the past, the artist has worked with quite a few artists, specifically Rob Moose. “Working with Rob Moose was surreal in the way that I’ve been admiring his work for almost a decade now, so it was extra special having him play on one of my records,” said Hoppe. (Rob Moose is featured on the song “Moon”).

Over the past year, Hoppe has started producing for a couple other artists including his girlfriend, Maddie Regent. “She has an EP that we made together coming out in just a few weeks which I am very excited about,” said Hoppe. Along with that, the singer has been in the works of some new stuff for himself. Hoping to turn those projects into bigger projects soon. 

Look out for new and upcoming artist Cade Hoppe!

Photo credit: Will Shellhorn

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