C3zr Shares “Not Over U” ft. Travis Percy

C3zr Shares “Not Over U” ft. Travis Percy

Chicago-based pianist and producer Cesar Pino will be sharing his debut album after years studying and teaching music. Stylizing his name as C3zr for his own musical outlet, Pino announced his electrified soul debut album Round Voyage earlier this fall, which will be released early next year with LA-based label 600 Block Record (Killah PriestPugs Atomz).

Featuring a wide array guests to help flesh out his compositions and beats, the artist and producer worked with Chicago-based singer Ifeanyi Elswith for the lead single “B.B.B.” This time, he teamed up with formerly Chicago-based and currently NYC-based singer Travis Percy, for the smoldering but scornful slow jam “Not Over U.”

The song and collaboration began with Pino’s piano chords, with Percy pretty much putting together the idea behind the song while first hearing the song idea. Percy said it’s about “being done with someone but not over them.”

Atwood Magazine shared the single yesterday, writing, “C3zr’s latest single channels that familiar, timeless yearning into something far more soulful and smoldering: A jazzy, smoky seduction.” Continuing to say the song “aches with longing and the sting of love’s loss as C3zr invites listeners to dwell in a moment of loneliness and isolation.”

Pino said, “I wanted to write a song as if the listener is standing on a rooftop deck. Breezy, but introspective. When I reached out to my friend Travis Percy, he already envisioned a story to sing over it.” Percy added, “It’s about the ghosts that haunt a new relationship because of being hurt before. Late nights, reminiscing to yourself about how things could’ve been or gone differently.”

After sharing the single “B.B.B” this fall, Chicago Public Radio station Vocalo shared it in a recent round-up of artists “poised to break through.” Northern IL NPR affiliate station WNIJ had Pino and his collaborators — including Percy — in the studio this summer where they performed “Not Over U” and Pino spoke about his musical upbringing.

Pino began studying piano at just six years old, later earning a scholarship through the Chicago Piano Music Festival at Northeastern Illinois University. He completed both his undergraduate and graduate degrees in music there, and he even got to tour China with university’s jazz ensemble. He also co-founded the new Chicago jazz lounge Opus,which opened this summer.

Round Voyage will be released off of 600 Block Records on March 1st, of 2024. Vinyl preorders are available here.

Photo Taken By: Vanessa Valadaz

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