Yesterday, the magnetic emerging star BfB Da Packman drops his mischievous new single “Trick.” 

In a characteristically brief dispatch, the Flint, Michigan native reminds listeners just how uproariously funny he can be, all while retaining the trace amounts of menace that make each of his songs a perfect slice of dark comedy.  

 “Trick” is anchored by a hook that hears Packman croon, “F*** me good, your bills turn to my bills.” And yet those who are familiar with his work know that Packman is unlikely to stay in adoration mode too long. “Talking ‘bout you wanna take a trip to Miami,” he raps, taunting someone about halfway through the DB-produced song. “How in the f*** are you still living with your granny?” 

Trick” continues Packman’s buzz since the release of his acclaimed 2021 studio debut, Fat Niggas Need Love Too. Songs like “Stained Couch,” “Megan Knees,” and “Lost With Miami” show burgeoning pop instincts and—thankfully—a refusal to jettison the rough edges and killer instinct that have made him a favorite in Michigan’s famously grimy rap ecosystem. 

Despite having just a short time in the spotlight BFB DA PACKMAN  broke through nationally after the pandemic began in 2020, with “Free Joe Exotic,” named after the subject of the early-lockdown hit documentary Tiger King—he has earned his spot as one of the most colorful artists in hip-hop. The rapper has earned rave reviews for projects dating back to STD and God Bless All the Fat Niggas, both released in 2019. As his star continues to rise, Packman is on a mission to find the funniest, meanest, most novel ways to cut to the heart of any issue. 

Featured Image: Nate Guenther

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