Beharie Releases New Song Heaven


Beharie Releases New Song Heaven

Norwegian R&B singer-songwriter Beharie releases his new song Heaven. The track Heaven has a soft melodic tone to it. 

The song Heaven makes you feel as if you are on the clouds dreaming about the world and what your plans may be next.

Beharie has a soft melodic voice that captivates as you listen to his words. He has the kind of music you listen to on a picnic with friends and family. 

Atwood Magazine said, “Beharie’s music soars with sweet harmonies and mesmerizing melodies that caress the ears and stir the heart. His powerful lyrics and emotionally-fueled vocal performance makes every minute of his new EP one worth cherishing.”

Previously before dropping this song, Beharie made moves in the music scene. The artist has three EPs out. In 2021, he released his most notorious EP which is his second EP Beharie // Beharie.

Beharie// Beharie won a Spellemann Award, the Norway Grammy Awards. Beharie was also nominated by the Swedish Gaffa Awards for the International Newcomer of The Year.

After his third EP was released, the songwriter got praise from European outlets such as Gaffa. Gaffa began to make a bold comparison saying that Beharie reflects American songwriter Frank Ocean.

“The similarities to Frank Ocean, both in the voice and the melodies, are so striking that it’s tempting to look into Beharie’s family tree,” a representative from Gaffa said. A big comparison, yes, but one has to go to this level to give a precise image of the talents that this man possesses.”

Beharie sets to drop his fourth project, Are You There, Boy? on October 20. He’s dropped the tracklist, with his new song Heaven set to be on the project.

Are You There, Boy? (LP) Tracklist

01. Wake Up

02. We Never Knew

03. Desire

04. I Don’t Need to Tell You Everything (ft. Uly)

05. Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?

06. Nothing Lasts Forever

07. Daydreams

08. Deadly

09. Don’t Forget Me (ft. Judy Blank)

10. Deserve It

11. Oh My God

12. Heaven

Featured Photo: Shawn Arvind

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