Arcane’s “Pretend Lovers” Gives a New Spin to R & B

Arcane’s “Pretend Lovers” Gives a New Spin to R & B

Toronto born singer and song writer Arcane takes R&B to new heights with the release of his single, “Pretend Lovers.”

Cover image of song by Phong Tran via Instagram @phongmap

Introducing “Pretend Lovers”

“Pretend Lovers” offers a soulful, laid-back beat with lyrics that embrace strong attraction for another. For instance, the music video begins with a light altercation between the singer and his female companion (played by Hanna Savchuk). Following this are the opening lyrics, “Never knew how to deal with commitments. Been alone for awhile, like to maintain my distance.”

As the song progresses, the female character grows angrier, as if she is blaming the singer for a number of things. What’s more, the singer decides to drop his mic and tries to sympathize with the female character. This scene flows in sync with these next lyrics, “Feel like you’re still stuck behind some past. Tell me the truth, I feel you’ve been through some trauma that’s consumed you.”

All in all, each lyric fits together with Arcane’s gentle, consoling voice, that listeners will certainly feel connected to.

Music Video for “Pretend Lovers” posted by Arcane on his You Tube page.

More on the music video

The visual that corresponds to the single, “Pretend Lovers” is Arcane’s first music video which he directed and edited himself. Others who took part include Hanna Savchuk, and director of photography, Phong Tran.

On his Instagram, Arcane shares how he felt caught between hiring a music director versus directing the video on his own. Generally, the artist shares he had spent a lot of money making his earlier songs that he wasn’t happy with the end results. After a time of reflection, the singer decided to trust in himself and make his first music video until now because he wants to make sure he can completely deliver.

Furthermore, Arcane shares his love for films and filmmaking. This pushed him to study the techniques behind both the best he could. Thus, in his own words, he stated, “I needed this so I can give my music the visual treatment it deserves.” So, the singer wants all aspects of his music to be come from himself, “it had to be personal.”

Also check out Arcane’s recent Debut EP End to Forever

Released on November 25, 2020, Arcane based this 7-track album on his experience with reinforced promises that were tied to a lack of certainty. Feel free to listen to all 7 tracks on Arcane’s Spotify.

  1. Fallen Angel
  2. Hopeful
  3. Precious
  4. Lose Ya
  5. Temperaments
  6. Stuck With Me
  7. Remorse

“Pretend Lovers” is available on all streaming platforms. Also feel free to follow Arcane on his Instagram @cinematicsadboy. And stay tuned for more to come on Arcane and his music!

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