Continuing her journey of growth as an artist and person, Ambar Lucid releases a dynamic double single via 300 Entertainment. Inspired by the early stages of falling in love with the Spanish up-tempo beat of “444” and her Oracle cards with the mesmerizing tranquility of “Ms. Moon”, Lucid welcomes listeners to her own dimension of eclectic sound and vibrant lyricism. Check out the exclusive premiere with HypeBae and read Ambar’s BAEwatch interview here.

444” was inspired by the early stages of falling passionately in love with someone. Lucid wanted to create a song that matched that excitement and energy. With lyrics, “making love with pure passion, your touch awoke something in me…” and “in you I get lost, I think this is love?…I don’t know!” and a beat mimicking the feeling of your heart racing, she accomplished that sensation. Lucid speaks on these early stages as, “being in that space where you both haven’t talked about your feelings to each other yet, and you feel it’s there, but you can’t be totally sure due to lack of clarity.

With the signature Ambar Lucid sound of an ethereal bilingual track, “Ms. Moon” was born from a studio session in which Lucid was inspired by her Oracle cards. The card that she ended up picking from the deck was called “moon” which led to the creation of “Ms. Moon”. Lucid states on the influence, “The moon is the feminine energy, the “mother”, and I actually call her Ms. Moon because of that, which is what inspired the title. So, this song is basically about me looking up at the moon and being like “I need you, please give me some words of encouragement and love” and then sharing that nurturing, comforting energy with those around me.”

Lucid is concluding an exciting 2022 where she had been featured on outlets such as Flaunt, Notion, and recently in HuffPost’s Culture Shifters series that highlights people who are changing the way we think about the world around us. She also accomplished a career milestone with her first headlining tour which included a sold-out Los Angeles show, and her performance on the highly coveted platform, COLORS, joining the likes of artist like Billie Eilish, Kali Uchis, and Doja Cat. Ambar is currently in the studio finishing her sophomore album Estrella set to release in 2023.

Photo Credit: Sophia Juliette

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