Aesop Rock ‘Integrated Tech Solutions’

Aesop Rock ‘Integrated Tech Solutions’

Prolific rapper and producer Aesop Rock has just released his first proper solo album in three yearsIntegrated Tech Solutions via Rhymesayers EntertainmentIntegrated Tech Solutions positions itself as a concept album that posits “lifestyle- and industry-specific applications designed to curate a desired multi-experience,” lambasting corporate speak to pry the parasitic business culture away from the parts of life that truly matter. Largely self-produced, Integrated Tech Solutions catches Aesop Rock at his leanest and most innovative, pairing a streamlined psychedelic production style with masterclass-level lyricism and features from billy woodsHanni El KhatibRob SonicNikki Jean, and Lealani. The album art sports beautiful retro-futuristic illustrations by renowned artist Justin “Coro” Kaufman, who was also the creative director and illustrator for the album’s “Mindful Solutionism” video as well as the artwork for Aesop’s 2020 album Spirit World Field Guide

Integrated Tech Solutions arrives concurrent with a video for standout track “Kyanite Toothpick,” a cavalcade of bluster from Aes and longtime collaborator Hanni El Khatib (who also produced the single, the sole song on the album not produced by Aesop himself) who detail the many, many ways that they are paragons of excellence. The song sports a grimy NYC-shot video by Kalil Justin, who lends an impressionistic portrayal of the city’s skate culture through a series of high contrast, semi-focused black and white visual vignettes. Watch it now

The album’s standard vinyl packaging includes a 12″ matte gatefold jacket, white color double vinyl & embossed reverse board record sleeves. There is also a deluxe version of the vinyl available with ground-breaking packaging that includes a custom-built 12″ matte die-cut gatefold jacket housing a built-in switchboard that operates multi-color flashing LED lights and plays an exclusive bonus song by Aesop Rock, plus opaque orange color double vinyl encased in two embossed reverse-board printed record sleeves. Exclusive audio and lights on the deluxe are activated by strategically placed touch-nodes, and rechargeable by built-in micro-usb port. The new album is also available on CD and limited cassette, in addition to an exclusive merch collection that includes a line of limited shirts, hoods, hats, sweats, lab coats, office accessories and more. All items are available from

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