5SOS Plays New Unreleased Song On Tour

5SOS Plays New Unreleased Song On Tour

5SOS photographed by Justin Lloyd via Getty

In the midst of the Take My Hand Tour, 5SOS just played a new song “Blender” at their DC show for the first time.

The hit Australian band has been on tour since early April and is completing its tour in December of this year. With over 60 shows, 5SOS is touring worldwide for their recent album CALM. Releasing back in 2020, they finally had the chance to tour playing the album with rumors of new songs on the way.

5SOS was first formed back in 2011 and went viral after posting Youtube videos to their channel. After their album, 5 Seconds of Summer dropped the band instantly broke records and received an uproar from the fans. They were incredibly successful and even had the opportunity to perform with other groups such as One Direction on tour.

However, after a temporary split back in 2021, the pop-rock band came back stronger than ever releasing the hit album Youngblood. This album broke numerous records ranging from topping the Billboard 200 and being the first band to have their first 3 albums hit number 1 on the charts. Their tour 5SOS3 sold out and allowed them to experiment with a new sound that was immensely successful.

Youngblood by 5SOS via Spotify

Selling over 140 thousand units of the album, Youngblood was on track to outperform Beyonce’s debut at the time. Ashton Irwin wrote on his Instagram:

“One thing I am certain about is my passion and ongoing belief that music, art and active expression in whatever form it may be is my true calling! The way you’ve backed 5SOS over the past 7 years and on the recent album has been truly incredible and is a definitive reminder that the ups and downs of a bands career are totally unpredictable. We are on an incredible high right now. And I am acknowledging it with all my being.”

Ashton Irwin, 2018

With the release of CALM, the band has grown in fame and popularity with their experiment in range and sound quality. There have been rumors of new songs to be released and just recently did their fans get confirmation. The song “Blender” was played at their DC show while on tour and received appreciation and applause from their fans. The song is now highly anticipated as 5SOS continues touring the US and other nations worldwide. Fans are hoping to hear it at the upcoming shows, but only time will tell. Check out their song below:

Blender by 5SOS

Their new album 5SOS5 will be released on September 23rd and is available to preorder now.

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