2 Chainz and Rick Ross’ Verzuz Battle Results

2 Chainz and Rick Ross’ Verzuz Battle Results


More than 200,000 fans tuned in Rick Ross and 2 Chainz Verzuz battle on either Instagram Live or Apple Music.

Fans were chiming in on who was the winner before the battle even started. Naturally, Ricky Rose was the predicted winner of the battle with his timeless Maybach Music hits, but 2 Chainz did not lose either.


There seemed to be tension in the room from the first round. Neither artist introduced themselves, and Ross began playing his first record. 2 Chainz made it clear he was supposed to start the battle. Fans were underwhelmed by the too cool for school attitude of both of the artist. One fan said: “Being too cool ruins a #Verzuz experience. These guys are so cool I’m a tad bored. Let’s get some showmanship on top of the stellar catalogue.”


The energy between the two moguls stayed consistently tense for the rest of the battle with spurts of enthusiasm from guest cameos. One of the highlights of the battle was when 2 Chainz brought out dancers, or essential workers, to dance to ‘Bandz A Make Her Dance.’ After this, Ross starts getting a back massage while rapping a few of his records.


Both Chainz and Ross have timeless music; however, the performance of their verses was bland, at best. The intensity of the battle took away from their greatness. Viewers were talking more about Drake and Snoop’s comments on the IG Live than the actual performance itself. This has a lot to do with the lack of comradery amongst the two artists during the battle.


Chainz later apologized to fans on the Breakfast Club, “I apologize for the lack of…for being so lazy,” he said. “From deep down inside I took that very seriously from the jump.” Twitter buzzed about the hits nonetheless. The battle ended with viewers growing an appreciation for the artistry of both Ross and 2 Chainz. They both have hits spanning decades.

All and all, the two legendary artists will always be revered for their music. It’s a shame fans felt bored through certain parts of the battle. Hopefully, the next set of battles will bring energy and more women.

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