Indira Cesarine Opens the Artist in Residence Series with Solo Exhibition at The Parlor NYC

Indira Cesarine Opens the Artist in Residence Series with Solo Exhibition at The Parlor NYC

Artwork by Indira Cesarine featured at The Parlor NYC – Artist in Residence

In collaboration with The Untitled Space Gallery, Artist in Residence Indira Cesarine premiered her solo exhibition in the Parlor NYC on October 29 and can be viewed through August 31, 2021.

Presenting the start of their resident artist series, The Parlor NYC utilized their newly opened 13,000 square ft luxury space and integrates it with contemporary art since its launch in September 2020. It offers a vast selection of beauty and wellness services that home a reception, a lounge, private meeting areas, a cafe, and now Cesarine’s new solo exhibition.

“2020 has been a year of reflection for me,” Cesarine said. “Like many others, during the quarantine, I have had a lot of time to think about my past, my future, as well as my work as an artist. When I was approached by The Parlor NYC to present my work throughout their 13,000 square foot space, initially it was a rather overwhelming concept. It also inspired me to review my entire body of work and consider including many early works that I had never exhibited before. It has been a motivating process to dig through my archives and not only see how my style has evolved over the years, but also see it come to life in The Parlor NYC’s contemporary urban oasis.”

As a Mexican American multidisciplinary artist, Cesarine’s exhibition consists of 70 pieces following her work from 1993 through 2020 of photography, printmaking, mixed media neon pieces that often target social issues.

Exploring themes of sexuality, feminism, and dreams, Cesarine has illustrated these ideas through a series of nude portraits. This includes the “Goddess” featuring nude modern dancer Katherine Crockett in a floral space, “The Labyrinth,” which focuses on female identity, and the “Eden” photographic series.

“Through this residency, I was able to present several series of works that resonate with these themes, and I’m thankful for this opportunity to not only have my work on view for the next year at The Parlor NYC but also for the insight and inspiration it has given me in the continuation of my art practice,” she said.

Cesarine’s artwork has been showcased in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Mattatuck Museum, Hudson Valley MOCA, The Watermill Center, Paul Mellon Art Center, CICA Museum, San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, French Embassy Cultural Center, Art Basel Miami, Cannes Film Festival, and SPRING/BREAK Art Show.

“Now more than ever is a time to think outside the box, with artists, creatives, and businesses alike supporting each other and continuing to make New York City thrive with creative opportunities,” Cesarine said.

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