Artist Fahren Feingold Raises Funds For SeekHer Foundation

Artist Fahren Feingold Raises Funds For SeekHer Foundation

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Starting on January 30th, Untitled Space will be hosting a benefit art auction showcasing the signature watercolor works of Fahren Feingold. Previewing is available now, and the auction will remain active through February 8th.

Fahren is no stranger to Untitled Space, having been represented by the gallery since 2017.

Her work has been showcased there in a variety of exhibitions and collaborative displays, as well as in places such as Paris Fashion Week and SHOWStudio in London.

This specific collection of watercolor pieces speaks to Fahren’s being as a woman’s advocate, and she imbues each piece with feminine beauty seen through the lens of the female gaze.

Her many muses are represented in their natural state, with her stylistic design elements providing each with an added air of fantasy.

Feingold has said that she likes to paint female nudes in particular because “ My paintings of the female figure expands the footprint of women painted by women, celebrating sisterhood and empowering females.” Feingold seeks to tear down the censorship of the feminine form through her new gallery, and to redefine what “beauty” is on her own terms as a woman.

Image of Fahren Feingold’s watercolor via:

Feingold takes inspiration from bold feminine nudes from early 20th century French erotica, as well as American magazines from the 70s and 80s.

The Watercolor pieces are constructed of paper and panel, with Feingold using vibrant watercolors to create silhouettes accentuated by her precise brushstrokes and poignant use of color. Feingold uses her own photography as a reference for the watercolors.

Image of Fahren Feingold’s watercolor via:

The auction has an added meaning as 20% of all proceeds will be donated directly to the SeekHer Foundation.

The foundation strives to eliminate the barrier between genders when it comes to mental health through advocacy, research, and providing support towards driving women’s success both personally and professionally.

To learn more about the exhibition, and to take place in the auction virtually, head over to

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