Vol 2. Split System Album Review

Vol 2. Split System Album Review

Punk rock? Sign me up! The Melbourne band Split System released their latest album, Vol. 2., on February 9th of this year! The sub-genre is solidifying its presence in the music industry through its tattoos, repetitive riffs, and the use of the electric guitar at the forefront of many bands! Split System created an album that will stand the test of time as its songs embody how a classic punk rock sound can fit into today!

Vol 2. Overview

Mind you, the Aussie punk rock scene is nowhere near shy! And, this album is far from it! Vol. 2 has the elements of Rodrick from Diary of a Wimpy Kid: the older rebellious brother who has an extensive vinyl collection. If a new listener were to hear this album (like myself), their first reaction would be: what is happening and why do I like this so much?! Another aspect that makes this album great is how digestible the songs are to listeners. Yes, it is in your face but there is a simplicity about the riffs, lyrics, and instrumentation that gives audiences a chance to listen. A chance to listen and sit with the songs to find relatability  to them. 

Vol 2. Review Part 1

The eleven track LP lets the listeners embark on Split System’s journey and messages about the Aussie punk rock scene. “The Wheel” starts off the album with a solid chorus line of “You know where you want to go, but it’s too far away!” Then, this song in particular is a blend of vintage and modern version of Aussie punk rock as there are more examples such as: Open Your Eyes by the Victims and Idiot Tax by Bankrupt. “Dave” also resembles the same tone and gratification for the love of the Aussie punk rock scene. At the same time, it has an amplified momentum that graviates listeners to sit and listen to the lyrics like: “I don’t want to be alone”. The band does a great job of the frustration and angst of this song! So far, listeners can imagine themselves as Split System’s concert in a crowded pit dancing their heart out while screaming these lyrics. 

Review Part 2

While listening to the album, the lead singer Jackson Reid Briggs has his own unique tone when he is singing in “Along Again”. It is almost as if his inspirations are from the 2000s punk scene similar to Green Day’s frontman: Billie Joe Armstrong. The chorus struck me the most: “I don’t want to say goodbye, I don’t want to start over, don’t want to be alone again!” It is an interesting track that has heavy bass guitar elements that exudes a more mellow tone, melancholy sound that implies that Briggs is facing an emotional turmoil. For “Hold It”, Briggs sings about how it is hard to breathe and he is just thinking. “Hold It” is an interesting track for this record because now there are lyrics about physical and emotional pain, instead of mental. Punk rock, historically, is about rebellion and disenfranchisement ( a more mental breakthrough from societal standards). But, Briggs is singing about “holding it down tonight”. To listeners, that phrase can mean many different things so this song is definitely up to interpretation. Overall, These four songs are instant favorites and soon-to-be underground classics!

Album Successes

Like it was said before, Vol 2. uses most of the fundamental punk rock elements: stripping away the intricacies and using simple coords and powerful lyrics to convey a message. Another aspect that makes this album a success is how there is a linear pattern of each song but they are all different in their own ways. Consistency worked out in Split System’s favor! As a matter of fact, Vol 2. is very interpretative with its lyrics that anyone can relate to the band. From relationship turmoil to letting loose, the band formed a formula that helps avid fans and new fans into their version of punk rock! Overall, this album is a success and Split System is still on the horizon with their releases. They show no signs of stopping now!

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