Travis Scott: Utopia- Circus Maximus Tour

Travis Scott: Utopia- Circus Maximus Tour

After a hiatus, rapper Travis Scott has announced his next project and tour

Rapper Travis Scott, released his newest “Utopia” album on July 28th-and the long awaited tour has finally been announced.

With the album featuring a star-studded lineup such as Drake, Playboi Carti, Beyonce, 21 Savage, The Weekend, Kid Cudi, SZA, Future and more, fans are anxiously waiting to see who could potentially be surprise guests on tour.

Travis Scott’s original plan to kick off the tour with a performance at Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza shows how unique his live experiences truly are. The cancellation due to logistics is disappointing for fans, but luckily, there are a lot more opportunities coming to see the rapper in concert.

In the past, Travis Scott has been known to put on quite a show. With extensive stage setups, rollercoasters and visuals, it is a guarantee that he will not disappoint.

Overall, the release of Travis Scott’s Utopia album and the announcement of his tour signifies another big moment in his career. Proving once again that his spot in the music industry is here to stay.

From Instagram @travisscott

2023 Tour Dates:
10-11 Charlotte, NC
10-13 Raleigh, NC
10-14 Raleigh, NC
10-17 Dallas, TX
10-18 Dallas, TX
10-20 Kansas City, MO
10-22 Denver, CO
10-25 Phoenix, AZ
10-26 Phoenix, AZ
10-29 Las Vegas, NV
10-31 Oakland, CA
11-01 Oakland, CA
11-05 Inglewood, CA
11-08 Seattle, WA
11-10 Vancouver, British Columbia
11-12 Portland, OR
11-13 Portland, OR
11-15 Salt Lake City, UT
11-18 Tulsa, OK
11-21 Austin, TX
11-22 Austin, TX
11-25 Atlanta, GA
11-27 Miami, FL
11-29 Miami, FL
12-01 Atlanta, GA
12-04 Nashville, TN
12-06 Baltimore, MD
12-08 Pittsburgh, PA
12-10 Philadelphia, PA
12-12 Detroit, MI
12-15 Chicago, IL
12-18 Brooklyn, NY
12-19 Brooklyn, NY
12-21 New York, NY
12-22 Boston, MA
12-23 Boston, MA
12-26 Newark, NJ
12-28 Toronto, Ontario
12-29 Toronto, Ontario

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