Kali Uchis Announces New Spanish Album, Titled Orquídeas

Kali Uchis Orquideas

Kali Uchis Announces New Spanish Album, Titled Orquídeas

Colombian singer Kali Uchis has announced the upcoming release of her album, titled Orquídeas on October 9th, 2023 on her Instagram. The album name translates to orchids in English. As she’s known for singing in both English and Spanish in each of her songs, she intends to make this album mostly in Spanish. After releasing her most recent album Red Moon in Venus in March of this year and going on a nationwide tour, she revealed to concert-goers that something new would be coming sooner than previously expected. The album is set to be released on January 12th, 2024.

Uchis posted multiple stories giving more hints about the album on October 13th. She posted a Google search screenshot that Colombia, the country she was born in, has the most types of orchids in the world. Perhaps as someone who loves the flowers, or to demonstrate how her career has blossomed on only her fourth album. Moreover, she allowed fans to pick one of two options for the digital album cover that would appear on streaming services. Uchis told fans that both would be available on CD and on vinyl.

Multiple songs of Uchis have gone viral, like “See You Again” with Tyler, the Creator, her own “Telepatia,” “Moonlight,” and most recently, “Muñekita” with JT of City Girls and El Alfa. However, she doesn’t limit her success to her bilingual listeners. “Telepatia” and “Muñekita” are both Spanish-heavy songs, with only some verses in English. However, she still managed to get a hold of non-Spanish speakers with the rhythm of the music. 

Kali Uchis isn’t the only one now. Lots of Latin artists have found success with non-Spanish speakers. Bad Bunny and Karol G are prime examples of barely saying one English word in their music, and still being extremely successful in typically English music markets. Not to mention, Orquídeas has a rumored collaboration with Karol G, who recently featured Uchis on her new EP, Mañana Sera Bonito: Bichota Season with “ME TENGO QUE IR.”

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