Electronica Quartet Stavroz Releases ‘Mystifying’ Music Video for Wintergreen

Electronica Quartet Stavroz Releases ‘Mystifying’ Music Video for Wintergreen

     On May 9, Stavroz released the visuals for their single “Wintergreen”, after initially dropping the single back on March 18. Marking the first of many to come in the trilogy of videos for their newest album “Mindibu” which released May 13.

     Original members Maxim Helincks and Pieter De Mester, along with newcomers Usbrand De Wilde and Gert Beazer, are back with another eclectic instrumental mix, but this time with a Greek mythological spin.

     “Our trilogy of videos are based on the ancient legend of Orpheus and Eurydice which has been brought to Mindibu, the world of Stavroz,” said Stavroz.

     The bandmates immerse themselves into the 530 BC legend.  

     “As Orpheus sets off on his journey to save his love from the underworld, he is joined by Mindibu’s creatures. Uncertain of what lies ahead, he bravely soldiers on, guided by a sinister yet sensual and melancholic soundtrack,” Stavroz continues. 

     In “Wintergreen” we meet the man who embodies Orpheus as he roams through the desolate forest. Dauntingly, he is watched by Mindibu’s creatures, while a slow and sensual woodwind orchestra plays, accompanied by undertones of a smooth jazz-like melody.

     Aside from the band’s recent work, Stavroz has also made appearance at Coachella, Fusion Festival, Tropico and other popular music festivals. They also reached gold status post-release of their previous album “The Ginning”.

     The group’s work has been closely compared to Parra for Cura, Kiasmos, Worakls and Nicolas Jaar who they also find themselves inspired by, along with Radiohead, Fat Freddy’s Drop and Stimming. 

     “Their expansive sound allows the music to remain approachable and accessible, broadening their listener base beyond strictly dance crowds.”

     Although, the visuals for “Wintergreen” are just the beginning, and fans can expect more videos to come in the following months. For future tour dates and other information on the up-and-coming band, click here.

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