Boygenius Releases Debut Album, The Record

Boygenius Releases Debut Album, The Record

American Indie rock band Boygenius released their debut album The Record on Friday. And while it only recently dropped, the band has been met with nothing but praise from the public. The band consists of established singers Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus. The supergroup joined together once more to create a folk rock album based on all of their personal experiences. The Record illustrates the devotion between all three songwriters. It introduces twelve tracks that push against patriarchy in the industry.

The Beginnings of Boygenius

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The supergroup initially formed in 2018 having released their self-titled debut EP that same year. However, while the kinship within the group is apparent, the trio didn’t meet until a few years before that. The trio sent emails about authors, poets, and literature they found intriguing and so began the creation of Boygenius. The friendship between the group soon blossomed and all three gravitated towards a studio. This led to their well-received EP that served as a liaison for a lineup of festivals and shows.

Nonetheless, while there was success with their EP, the singers went their separate ways. Instead they began focusing on their solo careers. However, that never stopped the trio from recording, continuing that collaboration with this new album. The record welcomes their affinity for each other in a collection of songs that were finalized January 2022.

The Record

It is not only their commitment to music that makes boygenius popular. Rather their commitment to each other is what inspires their voices and musical choices to mesh in perfect harmony. The singer-songwriters all share that same soft voice that makes their music so uniquely different. The Record explores romance, friendship, and self awareness from an outsider lens.

The album encompasses a variety of bare acoustics, intense vocals, and hard-hitting instrumentals. The album meshes all three voices in layered harmony. One song example includes “Not Strong Enough.” The track covers a mixture of acoustics and lyrics that lead to this pent up profession of awareness from the trio. Even in their slowest tracks such as “Revolution 0” and “We’re In Love,” there is a beauty to their soft instrumentals and whispered vocals. The Record is a testament to their musical genius, illustrating the overpowering love between the trio. 

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