100 Gecs Releases 10,000 Gecs

100 Gecs Releases 10,000 Gecs

Album Art; Dylan Brady and Laura Les, Via 100gecs.com

The hyperpop duo known as 100 gecs, Dylan Brady and Laura Les released their new album “10,000 gecs” on Friday March 17, 2023.

They are a duo that is disastrously sonic. Their songs seem to turn and undulate between meme and venturesome in lyricism and melody. This flipping speaks to why they have become the face of hyperpop over the last 5 years. Furthermore, the pair have an uncaring attitude and swagger, while still developing their own unique sound.

Leading up to the release of “10,000 gecs” many fans had concerns about 100 gecs signing onto the major record label Atlantic Records. Their problem was how could such an erratic pair survive in a corporate environment and would they succumb to pressure? Would they change their sound to be more serious, tame and widely applicable?

100 gecs Album Track List

  1. Dumbest Girl Alive 2:17
  2. 757 2:06
  3. Hollywood Baby 3:07
  4. Frog On The Floor 2:41
  5. Doritos & Fritos 3:16
  6. Billy Knows Jamie 2:43
  7. One Million Dollars 2:00
  8. The Most Wanted Person In The United States 2:35
  9. I Got My Tooth Removed 2:00
  10. mememe 2:46

Well the verdict is in now that the “10,000 gecs” album is out and they have kept their carefree sound and fans. They create music for the apprehensive misfits that trawl and thrive inside internet culture. 100 gecs gives them a space to be more themselves and be free from everything else.

The album “10,000 gecs” has a total of 10 songs and is 26 minutes in length. The songs all have some semblance of absurdity, and even using samples from the scary movie films, and even the old THX intro in “Dumbest Girl Alive.” This makes it enticingly exciting but also very funny and careless.

In fact, 100 gecs continues to develop to new and adventurous heights, and one of the best-loved songs is “Hollywood Baby”. The song is a poignant example of late 90s and 2000s punk rock. However, its engineered using modern internet sounds and mixed to be something of nostalgia.

After such a hard hitting and exciting song “Hollywood Baby” immediately following, we hear “Frog On The Floor,” which is a completely unserious and hilarious track. This juxtaposition is what 100 gecs is famously loved for.

Obviously, there is a lot to unpack in this album and is definitely worth a listen if you like punk, rock, metal, and/or hyperpop. The reason being is if you can look past the superficial naivete and jokes you find two artists who are musically talented and knowledgeable. Who know how to walk a fine line of craft and nonsense.

All Images Via 100gecs Website

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