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Statement Earrings to Get Your Hands on this Spring

Earrings especially, statement ones leave an instant impact on one’s look. Not only is this season’s trend getting bigger and better but so are the accessories themselves. Sure we all love the dainty, classic earrings but if you are looking to try something new and experiment, start swaying your ears. Statement earrings are here waiting for you to take them to center stage.

Opt Clear

Statement Earrings

Anything clear and transparent has been a big trend this season and that doesn’t leave short of earrings either. This season’s play on transparency is a great statement that should not be shied away from. Teardrops, crystal or chiseled details make a great accent in a picture with light bouncing off the curves of this jewelry.

Bearing Fruits

Statement Earrings

Plenty of signature bold earrings to choose from off a healthy menu. Balenciaga grapes, a dose of Dolce & Gabbana carrots, Prada bananas or perhaps some Jacquemus lemons. Your choice.

Graphic Mis ‘n’ Match

Statement Earrings

Funky oversized, carved-out lines and mismatching earrings are leaving ears with a daring punch. Leaving one ear radically different from the other, it’s a newfound inspired balance.

XXL Cascade

Statement Earrings

Supercharged your shoulders with a line of XXL earrings elegantly graze down on your clavicle with their show-stopping lengths. Perfect for those who are looking for drama and a more elongating frame to the face.

Architectural Plateau

Statement Earrings

Think of architectural elements; everyday buildings, structures or art. Their angles and edges are mimic and crafted into geometrical shapes. One of the best things about sculptural earrings is their details.

Earrings are a great way to experiment and have fun with. It’s an accessory that is absolutely an extension of your personal style so if you want to invest in a pair, consider going for the statement earrings.

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