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London Mensweek SPRING SUMMER COLLECTION 18: KTZ shot by Photographer Adam Katz Sinding.
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This collections story is an interpretation of the Literature of Lord of the Flies. We join the boys tale when they are already established on the island. The presentation of their clothes reflects the remnants of their old world and new beginnings.
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Their smart conservative fabrics slowly patched over and disappearing is reflective of their old way of life becoming lost and faded, the badges of past achievements and group identities that represented an old order giving way to the the wild nature they find themselves in, and the new identities of their clothes are formed from the discarded debris abandoned to the shores, they stitch together their
clothes with silver threads and bottle tops and raw
leathers, symbolising new identities and forming brave new worlds.
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The dark earthy colours of the old order peppered with the bright materials of the hope to come, and still a raw authentic rebellious essence remains, untamed.
Press and Images via GONZALORO CABALLERO  PRESS MANAGER With Designer Adam Katz

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