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3 Trendy Online Shops for Sunglasses

Summer has hit us hard and the sun’s stronger rays are penetrating our delicate skin and eyes. Now is the perfect time to wear some stylish sunnies to protect those eyes. Here’s just a few online stores that offer some glasses to match any outfit or occasion.


Glow Glamazon–

My personal favorite as they have very bright and bold glasses that are sure to make a statement.


Keri Fade Orange



Aruba Clear Yellow



Ale Clear



Quay Australia –

Very cute sunglasses here as well. ‘Super Girl’ is my favorite pair!


Super Girl



















Kiss and Tell

Kiss and Tell





Gold Soul LA–

This store seems to have to most variety for cheap and with their heart eyed sunnies, you’re sure to stand out in the crowd.

Round Lens Sweet Tooth Sunnies

Round Lens Sweet Tooth Sunnies


Matrix Vintage Round Oval Sunnies

Matrix Vintage Round Oval Sunnies


Round Gnarly Sunnies

Round Gnarly Sunnies

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