Where to Go This Summer

Where to Go This Summer

While the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, the successful roll-out of vaccines has enabled countries to open up their borders to travellers and holidaymakers again in time for the height of summer 2022.

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The world is your oyster again, so where should you go this summer?

1.    Japan

The Land of the Rising Sun lies in the Pacific Ocean and is a cultural and historical hotspot, ideal for the curious traveller and holidaymaker.

Boasting more than 20 World Heritage sites, natural landmarks like Mount Fuji and some of the most unique and beautiful architectural sites in the world, Japan has plenty to offer travellers, whatever their interest.

Summer sees the natural cherry blossoms in full bloom while the warm but often rainy climate makes it the ideal location for travellers wanting sunshine but to remain refreshed.

Hikers and cyclists will marvel at the natural, unspoiled countryside, and those looking for a little more of a party element or to sample the latest and greatest in Japanese gadgetry will find everything they need in Tokyo.

Those on a cultural pilgrimage will be fully sated by immersing themselves in the rich landscape of Japanese film, literature and anime while enjoying some of the freshest cuisines in the world.

2.    Portugal, Madeira and the Azores

Think Portugal, and you’ll probably summon up images of Lisbon and the Algarve. While Portugal’s capital makes for one of Europe’s best city breaks, and the Algarve offers a stunning rich mix of sun, sand, golf and history, Portugal has much more to offer.

The island of Madeira is known as the Floating Garden of the Atlantic, with its temperate climate keeping the island in bloom all year round. As well as the Pride of Madeira flowers, the summer also sees magnolia, red hot poker trees, and hydrangeas thrive.

There is a 24-hour summer folk dancing festival for the twinkle-toed to enjoy in Santana, the Funchal jazz festival and a week-long canoe regatta in Porto Moniz.

Partygoers on the Azores will enjoy the week-long regatta on Sao Jorge Island and the Santa Maria Blues Festival while taking boat trips off the coast to spot sperm and minke whales is another option to elevate your break to a once-in-a-lifetime status.

3.    Malta

A tiny island paradise in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta provides everything you could want from a summer holiday in one compact package.

The main island is surrounded by enticing golden sandy beaches which reach out into stunning, crystal clear turquoise water. The capital city of Valetta offers a captivating journey through time from prehistoric temples through the medieval ages and the astonishing story of besiegement during World War II while also providing beautiful views across the harbour.

There are more than 120 diving sites, dozens of spots to swim, a thriving nightlife, and a culture that boasts influences from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

The neighbouring island of Gozo offers visitors a more tranquil and peaceful experience bristling with more history, beaches and stunning architecture.

4.    Italy

Few destinations can offer as much cultural history in one nation as Italy. Home to the Renaissance movement that gave the world such icons of art, science and literature as Leonardo, Michelangelo, Dante, Galileo and Machiavelli, hints of Italy’s glorious heritage are everywhere.

Boasting beautiful lakes, such as Lake Garda and Como in the north of the country, through Venice and Verona, so often the location of the works of Shakespeare, among others, across the rolling Tuscan hills, beyond the centre of the Roman Empire and through the Italian Riviera, Italy is the nation that has it all.

Sample the finest in authentic Italian cuisine in one of the countless piazzas that adorn the centre of every city, revel in the history of Naples, Rome and Pompeii and wonder at the unique culture and experience Sicily provides.

5.    Greece

One destination that can rival Italy for history, culture and food is Greece. The mainland offers cities such as Athens, Greece’s historic and modern capital, including sights such as Syntagma Square, the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and a dazzling array of Byzantine smells and sounds.

Thessaloniki provides a fascinating glance at Ancient Greek and Roman architecture and Byzantine churches, while the waterfront White Tower and Eptapyrgio Castle provide epic seaside vistas to indulge in.

As well as the mainland, there are hundreds of beautiful inhabited islands that offer a range of experiences, from the party island of Mykonos to the historical hotbed of Crete, the vast sprawling sands of Corfu and the famous crystal white-walled and deep blue-domed buildings of Santorini; there will be an island for those that like a busy holiday, or a relaxing, tranquil break.

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