Russia Violates New Start Treaty

Russia sees a scenario of a different path for treaty in 2026

Russia Violates New Start Treaty

Russia is under suspicion by the U.S. of violating the New Start Treaty, a control on nuclear arms agreement between the two countries. Congress sent a report to the public, stating how Russia failed to allow required inspections on their territory. 

“Russia’s refusal to facilitate inspection activities prevents the U.S. from exercising New Start Treaty rights. In addition, it threatens the success of U.S. Russian nuclear arms control,” says a U.S. state department officer.

Updates on treaty implementation would have been discussed last November at The Bilateral Consultative Commission. The meeting did not take place due to Russia pulling out at the last minute. The next date to meet is pending.

The treaty entered in agreement February 5, 2011. Terms then stated that the U.S. and Russia had seven years to meet the treaty’s central limits on deployed nuclear weapons. A five-year extension granted both parties a renewal in 2026.  

Tensions Increase

Moscow’s decision to suspend inspection and consultation last year increased the concerns for the U.S. Although the hostility doesn’t have affect over Russia’s involvement, tensions are high from it. Reports of their nuclear saber-rattling adds to the alarm of U.S. and allies. A traditional tactic to “bring fear to the west”.

On the contrary, U.S. does not believe sending military equipment to Ukraine is a betrayal to Russia. Security cooperation with Ukraine has been effective since January 2021. Approximately $30 billion in security assistance was being committed to Ukraine’s autonomy. $27 billion was given before Russia launched war on Ukraine last year. Last week, U.S. announced that it would provide Ukraine with Abram tanks as Western help to fight off Russia.

Foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Ryabkov made comments in a RIA agency interview last week. He believes in a scenario in which Russia goes a different path for treaty renewal in 2026. Speculation around his comment points to the fear of U.S. helping Ukraine advance past Russia. The U.S. hopes for agreement, so permitting inspections can continue soon.

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