NYC Struggles with Migrant Influx

NYC Struggles with Migrant Influx

What was known as the beacon city of freedom in the 1900s is now struggling to help migrants. Within the past year, over 50,000 migrants arrived to New York City in hopes of better opportunity and asylum. However, the large influx of migrant arrivals are frustrating the city due to unsustainable housing and transition support.

Many migrants are in limbo as they wait for plans to better help them. They wait in patience because returning home is not an option. For many, home is dangerous and more of a threat than the states. Resolutions are slow to some, but many migrants are hopeful of optimistic opportunities.

Meet Jose, for example. He arrived in the U.S. five months ago with little status. Stable housing has been at capacity and he has found little help since he can’t legally work. He hopes the government could pass out work permits, so the government doesn’t spend money on them. His last home of Venezuela kept his family fearful. Jose worked as a truck driver, which made him a target for gangs to attack him. He lived in three shelters coming to the states and he says, “the conditions were decent.” To be able to work is what he hopes, so he can have a better place to live.

Federal Help for Migrants

New York City Mayor Eric Adams have been finding ways to provide lodging for asylum seekers. Different hotels and nonprofit shelters are welcoming migrants to stay, but Adams wants federal help. He took a visit to Washington in hopes of revealing the immigration struggle for New York City. Biden weighs the situation as a question of reviving the Trump policy to shut down the border. The conversation will continue to be ongoing through the summer for the administration.

In the meantime, New York City will continue with a ‘steady state-approach’ with the influx problem. Last Tuesday, Adams announced a 24/7 arrival center for asylum seekers plus an office to resettle migrants. The policy to turn away illegal migrants expires in May. Adams hope to coordinate a new blueprint of the city and partner with other cities to alleviate the situation.

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