Mental Health Advice

Mental Health Advice

Mental health is a very critical part of life. Often one that is completely forgotten. Being such a broad and sensitive topic people avoid introspecting one’s own feelings and thoughts. If you are feeling at the moment out of balance here is some advice to consider:

Social media detox

Today’s society is incredibly consumed with apps like Tik Tok, Instagram, and Twitter. Social media, albeit being a great tool of communication with the world, can become exceedingly lonely.  Thereby, tricking people into wanting to participate, eventually, leading them to acquire the harmful effects for their mental health. These platforms throughout the years have developed toxic-unrealistic standards and behaviors. Some influencers encourage, as well manipulate the public to think that their lifestyle is normal. Oversaturated with content dealing with hustler culture, materialism, and body augmentation (cosmetic surgery and photoshop) have had bad repercussions on youth and even adults.

Our minds can feel cloudy when technology is not given a break. A social media detox could serve for better and regulating screen time could profit the mind.


Journaling can be quite therapeutic. Whether it’s a diary entry, poem, or short story. Writing down feelings, tracking emotions, and escaping for a while where there’s no one to judge one’s thoughts is the greatest thing ever.

Saying how you feel to someone can be hellish. For starters, something might sound brilliant in the brain, but once it’s being said out loud, it’s maybe all too incoherent. Truly it can vary, another person might just be shy. Writing self-reflection down isn’t the easiest thing either, but it provides more of a safe space, because of there being free range to write literally anything.

Learn how to say “No”

There are humans out there that are people pleasers. Parent units, jobs, and academia can be the most grueling of places and people in life. Along with so many expectations that may seem impossible to keep up. Saying “no” can be quite powerful, that is without feeling remorse. People will have to understand no matter what; regardless of whether an explanation was given or not. Some things are not always in our control. Escaping from certain duties is out of the question, but sacrificing a job, or school obligations is not done out of laziness or disinterest. When there’s concern over mental wellness putting things on pause is reasonable and completely valid. Be nice to yourself, otherwise, no one else will.

Find yourself a good support system

Having people to surround you during a strenuous time, can uplift the spirit. It’s nice to know that you are not completely alone. Yet, at times family can be the most isolating group of people who may not be the most supportive. Due to their lack of mental health awareness, they carry traditional views and consider seeking help a taboo. Getting them to understand how normal feeling that way is, can come in between your connection with them. That’s when friends come in. Loyalty isn’t given out because of blood quantum or DNA relation. Real unconditional love comes from those who will be there no matter what. Establishing these connections can help the journey to a better state of mind more serene.

If you are seeking help please call or text the following crisis hotlines:

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