Benefits of Exercise for Women

Benefits of Exercise for Women

Exercise not only changes your body. It changes your attitude, mind and your mood. Experts often say that “Exercise is Therapy”.

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, the answer to a healthy body and mind and low blood pressure cholesterol levels, preventing diabetes is daily exercise. For women, these benefits expand due to their particular combination of hormones and health risks. In this article today, let us look at some of the benefits of exercise for women.

Strengthens bone and prevents osteoporosis:

Over 80% of women in America develop osteoporosis. Half of them with age more than 50 risk breaking a bone. With age, estrogen levels decrease, and loss of bone strength occurs more rapidly.

Exercising, especially from a younger age, can promote bone health. Hiking, aerobics, jogging or any muscle-strengthening exercise routines can build balance, strength and bone flexibility.

Keeping body weight in check:

Have you ever felt jealous of women in tight yoga pants showing off a stunning and carved physique? Ever been afraid of checking your weight in the weighing machine? Fear not! Regular exercise can help you reduce that extra body fat by burning those calories.

 For women, pregnancy and menopause can cause weight gain.

Too much body weight can be the root cause of diseases like cholesterol, obesity or high blood pressure and increase the chances of a stroke. Women can build lean muscle and have a healthier body by doing exercises like cycling, pilates, yoga and jogging.

Reduces the Risk of Breast Cancer:

Experts today suggest that being physically inactive can cause breast cancer. Studies show that cancer survivors who exercise daily have a 42% lower risk of death from any cause and a 40% lower risk of death from breast cancer than those who do not have a regular exercise routine.  

Generally, less strenuous exercises are recommended like walking, tai chi, aerobic exercises and pilates. Sometimes brisk walking for 75 minutes is also prescribed. 

Improves mental health and confidence:

1 out of 3 women may experience anxiety in their daily lives. This can lead to depression or create unnecessary mental pressure.

Women who exercise regularly tend to have better mental health and emotional well-being. This is due to the change in hormones like serotonin and endorphins.

Exercise can boost a person’s mood and concentration and improve their cardiovascular and overall physical health, reducing blood pressure and chances of cardiac arrest.

Women should aim for at least 2.5-5 hours of moderate exercise or 1.25-2.5 hours of strenuous physical activity per week.

Slows down ageing:

Research at the University of Birmingham and King’s College in London has concluded that staying active keeps the body young and healthy.

The bodies of physically active people have been allowed to age optimally, free from the diseases and problems usually caused by inactivity. Female bodies can handle the change of levels in hormones during menopause in a much healthier manner. Removing the activity would likely deteriorate their health, and old age would become a burden to endure.

Improves sleep quality and duration:

Reports have concluded that 1 out of 4 women experience insomnia. Women are 40% more likely to have sleeping troubles than men, despite requiring more sleep.

Exercising daily can work wonders for the sleep routine of women. Aerobics or yoga can reduce stress levels and improve the quality and duration of sleep. Experts suggest that six weeks of resistance training can prove beneficial for women and reduce the amount of time they stay in bed on the weekends.

Beauty Benefits:

There are a lot of beauty benefits of having a regular exercise regime.

Daily workouts contribute to better blood circulation, fewer wrinkles, blemish-free skin and strong, healthy hair. It also prevents inflammation by reducing cortisol and reduces ageing. 

Another benefit is that the sweat produced during workouts can clean out your pores, reduce pimples and release toxins from the body.

So say yes to sweat and sign up for today’s hot yoga class!


Women can experience more hormonal and physical changes in their lives than men. Therefore, it is critical to prioritise their health. Exercising daily and having a balanced diet can make women healthier and their minds stronger. The saying goes, “A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body”.

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