BEAM: Nothing Short of Amazing

BEAM: Nothing Short of Amazing

BEAM is nothing short of amazing, shining as one of the best health and wellness brands on the market. The best version of you begins and ends with their flavorful products. Designed to flourish your health goals, BEAM proves to be the right go-to that truly supports overall wellness. 

Be Amazing

At the same time, support appears in different forms. BEAM co-founder Michael Yewdell progressed with the support of his friends through a time of uncertainty, battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2017. Determined to remain positive through the treatment process, Michael overcame the disease two years later. Now, his life-changing experience is the light source to why BEAM defies the norm to be better. 

The best version of you begins and ends with BEAM products. Designed to flourish your health goals,

Flavorful & Healthy

You feel and taste the difference between BEAM and other brands because of their hands-on, yet creative control of products. The intentionality behind BEAM picks natural ingredients that are right for you. The Manufacturing process emphasizes products to be easy on the digestive system, light in taste texture, and different in natural flavors. Within most of the product rollout, processed and artificial ingredients are non-existent for natural and beneficial ingredients to pack optimally. 

The all-in-one Super Greens amazes with the daily requirements equivalent to 26 fruits and vegetables. Compact in benefits, this supplement supports any lifestyle with relieving antioxidants that recovers body cells and increases overall health. Prebiotic fibers decrease bloating and taste well along non-GMO ingredients. Gluten and soy free. The blends range in flavors that will leave an impression with your taste buds. The Pink Lemonade and Citrus Matcha will have you question if you are receiving all your vegetables, but you are. The taste is undeniable, and you will feel the difference. 

The vegan protein makes sure not to sacrifice quality nor taste in the mix. Vegan and mineral sources are ultimate for muscle building and recovery. The hearty pick of flavors is good for anytime of the day, especially after a great workout. 

The newest addition, Gut health probiotic+, is revolutionary. Numerous tests and revisions were done with no rush in a year. Another flex to the heart of BEAM taking their time to engineer this capsule. The probiotic comes with 8 strands to strengthen cardiovascular and digestive health. Additional ingredients of ginger root and licorice root provides additional relief to food movement in digestion.

Bigger than BEAM

It is bigger than the products for BEAM. The mission is to be right there with customers to feel better holistically in health. The brand explores different information and resources that enriches well-being.

In addition, the loving foundation between the founders exemplifies how BEAM doesn’t want customers to accomplish goals alone. The partnership between BEAM and BetterHelp helps customers match with a licensed therapist for one free month. The sign-up initiative introduces customers to mental health support and wellbeing. In addition, the altruistic DNA of the brand is philanthropy. The inspiration of Michael’s experience and other causes pushes BEAM to give back to foundations such as Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and The Salvation Army. Anything to make a difference.

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