Everything Everywhere: The Movie of The Year

Everything Everywhere: The Movie of The Year

A24 has always been popular in making eccentric films that step out of the commercialized norm. However, the production company has found itself with a different level of public acclaim with Daniel Scheinert and Kwan’s Everything Everywhere All At Once. The popular film comes as a science fiction adventure where a Chinese immigrant becomes an unlikely hero. The main hero goes on to star in a multidimensional race to save the universe. Sweeping in all the main award categories, Everything Everywhere All At Once is on a clear path to taking home many Academy accolades.

Everything Everywhere All At Once: The Review

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The film follows a middle-aged Chinese woman, whose struggles with the IRS lead her to an existential adventure. Played by the highly acclaimed Michelle Yeoh, the actress faces a number of various obstacles while on this journey. While it may be an absurdist comedy-drama, the film was able to appeal to a mass audience. Critics even discussed the film as being a successful means of Asian-American representation. With scenes of  “multiverse-jumping,” “fracturing minds,” and various dimensional selves, the film is more than extraordinary. Everything Everywhere All At Once delves deep into understanding one’s position in the world and it does so successfully. Audiences are sure to leave the film feeling a sense of renowned self understanding. 

The Awards Sweep

Everything Everywhere All At Once has amassed an immense audience, gaining high praise from all the major award collectives. The film has received awards varying from the BAFTAs, Golden Globes, Critics Choice, the Independent Spirit Awards, and top accolades from the SAG awards. The motion picture broke box-office records and even surpassed A24’s Hereditary as the production company’s highest-grossing film. Actors Michelle Yeoh, Stepahnie Hsu, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Ke Huy Quan have all been praised for their work in the film. They each won their own respective awards and it is clear that they’ll likely sweep at the upcoming Academy Awards.

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