Miss Sohee Spring 2023 Couture

Miss Sohee Spring 2023 Couture

During Paris Couture Week, newcomer Sohee Park invaded the exclusive group that comprises the Chambre syndicale de la haute couture. Park, a Central Saint Martins graduate, launched her label Miss Sohee in 2020 and made her international debut in Milan. The designer’s incorporation of Korean aesthetics and designs continued as she used embroideries inspired by a 19th century Korean artist. 

A Departure From The Ordinary

First, a black bustier gown with glittering lilac fabric resembling an oyster opened the show already contrasting Park’s previous collections. The fitted silhouettes did not stop as the next look featured a sheer embellished veil confirming a darker theme. 

Shades of purple and green decorated the upcoming looks and placed next to a black crop top, made them pop. Embroidery became a key focus in the rest of the collection. The up-cycled satin from Nona Source that is used by Park were decorated with different flowers from lilies to roses. Though the surreal visuals present in previous collections did not disappear, the use of tighter silhouettes lending a quiet drama to the collection. 

Lastly, closing the show was an all-black look with a cape, covering the entire body and embellished with white floral designs. An amalgamation of key elements of the entire collection, it ended the show with a bang.

Park’s penchant for opulent accessorizing also did not disappoint. Floral motifs were used as earrings or head accessories, completing the look. Grunge-inspired makeup also emphasized the edgier aesthetic of the collection. 

In a Q/A session, Park gave advice to aspiring designers stating. “Tell your own story! If you have a point of view that stems from personal experiences, that becomes something no one else has. It is something completely unique to you.” The debut of a personal label rather than adhering to a longstanding fashion house’s history lends Park a unique opportunity. Now, she can create history on her own terms and become a positive representation for minorities or specifically South Koreans. 

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