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I had the wonderful pleasure of enjoying the Art Hearts 2018 show from the front row. An in depth up close and personal view of the multi-designer showcase.  Art Hearts foundation is a platform that enables designers of any caliber to present their collection on the grandest stage of them all–fashion week!

This charitable organization takes support your local girl gang to a whole different level.  I’m greeted then escorted to my front row seat by one of the shows production assistant then greeted once again by the gift bag that is occupying my seat.

A stunning selection of Oxygentix products, nail lacquer from C.E.V and an exciting list of other goodies.  The Angel Orsandez foundation served as the venue for the event and was quite fitting due to its massive size.

Check out the looks from some of the featured designers:

Wei Ling Chang

Image source: Instagram @wei_ling_Chang_nyc

Rocky Gathercole

Image source: Instagram @officialmrvphotos

Carmen Steffans

Image source: Instagram @beautyworldmonthly

Willfredo Gerardo 

Image Source: Instagram @beautyworldmonthly

George Styler

Image source: Instagram @George_Styler

Eva Habashi Couture 

Image source: Getty Images

Elie Madi

Image source: Instagram @iamsamyahjaramillo

Kayra Moss

Image source: Instagram@Kayramoss

Kentaro Kameyama

Image source: Instagram @mikechaiken



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