Negris Lebrum Debuts Black to Basics

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Inspired by the forbidden love of a beautiful French Creole woman and a dashing black man in the 1940’s, Negris Lebrum Black to Basic collection embodied the love story as it played out in the retro vibes and simple elegance.


The collection was a showcase to the rebirth of Negris Lebrum. The modern woman carrying class wearing black shift dresses, form fitted v-neck dresses, and leather skirts. For black clothing lovers, this collection combines elegance with style.


Negris Lebrum draws inspiration from its southern roots with brand designer Travis Hamilton sharing a bit of Louisiana culture at the last Fashion Week show by hosting a Mardi Gras Soiree after their fashion show.


Overall, the brand represents a strong feminine archetype in their designs that captures the love affair between Negris and Sam Lebrum in which the brand story is all about. Reminiscent of the romance in French design that meets with confidence and simplicity held within the black clothing.


Check out the designs below:

NYFW ’18 Black to Basic Collection



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Negris Lebrum Debuts Black to Basics