WILLIE NORRIS & AWAY Celebrate Pride

WILLIE NORRIS & AWAY Celebrate Pride

Willie Norris, a Brooklyn-based fashion designer and queer activist whose viral text-based designs are a love letter to the LGBTQ+ community, has partnered with Away for Pride. Willie creates for her community first and foremost—which is why Away teamed up with Willie to create a capsule collection of luggage that won’t be sold anywhere this Pride month. Instead, it will be gifted to Willie’s LGBTQ+ community, equipping them with Away luggage for seamless travels during Pride and beyond.

Away, the original go-to travel authority renowned for its thoughtfully designed luggage and accessories, is thrilled to announce an exclusive collaboration with acclaimed fashion designer and activist, Willie Norris, in celebration of Pride Month. This partnership underscores Away’s ongoing commitment to support inclusivity, empowerment, and safe travel for the LGBTQ+ community, which is critical to Away’s mission that the more we travel the better we become.

The partnership includes a limited capsule of Away’s iconic Bigger Carry-On suitcases embellished by Willie Norris with phrases ranging from “MY BAGGAGE” that succinctly and playfully encapsulates queer experience, to “HMU” and “5-7 looks,” which both nod to the omnipresence of Away luggage on photoshoots by hair and makeup artists as well as stylists.

The suitcases adorned by Willie Norris will be on display for visitors to view at the Away Williamsburg store during the month of June. The collection, which will not be commercially available for purchase, is an authentic celebration of reclaiming the narrative toting Willie’s iconic aesthetic and promoting her message of inclusivity. The collection is a bold and emotional take on Away’s classic luggage featuring three colorways – Black, White, and Red – intentionally omitting the rainbow colors and motifs typically seen throughout Pride Month.

“It has been incredible to partner with Away and bring my unique perspective to the travel space,” says Willie. “Everything was very intentional and thoughtful from the designs and colors to where, how and why we brought the partnership to life. This collection is taking playful, personal ownership of feeling hyper 

The partnership was created with the intention to directly uplift and engage Willie’s hyper-localized community, as a Brooklyn-based creator. Away has produced a limited number of suitcases featuring Willie’s signature statements that will be gifted to Willie’s allies within her own community.

In addition to having the collection on display at their Williamsburg store, Away will be giving out luggage tags and luggage stickers featuring some of Willie’s signature slogans that have become synonymous with her highly sought-after designs. These will be available as a gift with any luggage purchase to Away Williamsburg customers through the weekend of June 9 – 11. These special edition designs are a tribute to the vibrancy and spirit of the LGBTQ+ community, symbolizing freedom, identity, and the joy of travel.

“What truly excites me about this partnership is the lack of overt commercialization,” says Willie. “In partnering with Away, we are igniting conversation about community and inclusivity in travel through the design of these products and where they are showing up in the world. I had some serious fun with this project, and knowing that these suitcases were designed specifically to equip members of the community through their Pride travels rather than to drive sales speaks to the authenticity of this partnership and something I wish more brands would do in celebration of Pride.” 

To further this mission, Away is proud to continue its multiyear partnership with IGLTA (the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association) and the IGLTA Foundation to promote equality and safety within LGBTQ+ tourism globally.

“We’re delighted to partner with Willie Norris in honor of Pride Month,” says Carla Dunham, Chief Marketing Officer of Away. “Her unique style and commitment to LGBTQ+ activism make her an ideal partner for this collaboration. At Away, we believe that travel should be inclusive and welcoming for everyone, and Willie’s custom take on our best-selling Bigger Carry-On is an authentic celebration of self-expression and inclusivity, promoting a safer and more open world for everyone to explore during Pride Month and beyond.”

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