Mabi Swimwear Turns Sustainability Sexy

Models pose for Mabi Swimwear

Mabi Swimwear Turns Sustainability Sexy

As summer approaches, shoppers are on the hunt for brands that will fit an anti-fast fashion wardrobe; enter Mabi Swimwear. The lovechild of Brazilian designer Maristela Soares, the brand is a tribute and aid to her heritage. Alarmed by a fast fashion industry that contributes to environmental destruction including the Amazon rainforest, Soares wanted to pursue fashion. She chooses to use organic fabrics and eco-conscious practices to promote sustainability. The line uses a biodegradable fabric called Polyamide 6.6 that naturally decomposes after being thrown out. They also commit to planting a tree in the rainforest for every purchase. In fact, every delivery includes tree seeds so buyers can plant their own tree!

Mabi Swimwear: The Collection

The environment also plays an important role in Soares’ design process. The vibrancy and creatures of the rainforest inspire her products. But, sustainability and sexiness are not mutually exclusive. Freedom, liveliness and sensuality defines Brazil. These are qualities that are the basis of her products. Hues like red and orange that symbolize boldness frequently appear in the line. Also, a number of hand knit pieces inspired by the 2000s that call back to bohemia are available. These pieces come in a plethora of designs and colors, each more eye-catching than the one before.

Model poses for Mabi Swimwear
Model poses for Mabi Swimwear

Aside from bikinis, flowy dresses and cotton sets perfect for a chilly summer nights are also in stock. The former, knotted at the neck with ruffles, can be dressed up and down.

The line’s organic cotton sets are a comfortable alternative with wide sleeves and legs that accentuate your body. The price point ranges from $82 to $180, expensive but expected for a brand that strives to be ethical.

For many, a new season equals a new closet – out with the old, in with the new. But a quick turnaround in clothes normally means buying cheaper and shabbier. While brands are slowly doing their part, we as consumers must not forget our role. If sustainability is to stay, it means making thoughtful choices that reflect our personhood. Trends will come and go. What remains is a reliable dress, pant, or even bikini that will stay in our wardrobe for years to come.

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