UNIWLO FW20 LifeWear Collection

UNIWLO FW20 LifeWear Collection

Global apparel retailer UNIQLO presents its new LifeWear collection for Fall/Winter 2020, titled “Sustainable Cities.” The collection features an exceptional range of items which the brand is known for, including Outerwear, Fleece, Knitwear, Jeans and HEATTECH. Through UNIQLO’s LifeWear philosophy of ‘who you are, what you believe in and what you wear,’ the brand will contribute to a better, more sustainable tomorrow. Available at UNIQLO stores and on www.uniqlo.com, the UNIQLO LifeWear FW20 “Sustainable Cities” collection features unsurpassed innovation, thoughtful design and un-compromised comfort for the whole family at an accessible price point.

“Sustainable Cities”

This season’s theme “Sustainable Cities” was inspired by an essential LifeWear goal to contribute to a better future by minimizing the environmental impact of clothing. UNIQLO has undertaken ongoing projects worldwide that leverage innovative technologies in the drive to help address social issues, and UNIQLO’s sustainability approach extends beyond its clothing and is built upon four pillars: Production, Environment, People and Community. For more information, please see here: https://www.uniqlo.com/en/sustainability/




UNIQLO outerwear offers everything from on-trend to functional to cater to diverse lifestyles. For women, must-have casuals include tailored Tweed Jackets with a masculine touch, cashmere Chesterfield Coats and Cocoon Wrap Coats. For men, jackets for both work and personal include classic tailored and corduroy items. The Mountain Parka and new Balmacaan Coat are perfect for early fall. In addition, UNIQLO’s down jackets are warm, functional and stylish for the whole family. Hybrid Down Jackets are a step beyond regular down outerwear and feature enhanced designs and functionality. Women’s coats include detachable hoods and pinched waists to look more elegant, while men’s parkas are easier to move around in and lighter. The brand is also introducing Ultra-Light Down Jackets in new hues for women including plum, green and lemon-yellow.


This season, the brand is offering its light and warm fleece jackets in windproof designs employing new materials in new silhouettes for an even more stylish look. For women, there are new items with the feel of soft rabbit fur, as well as windproof fleece in faux shearling to keep wearers comfortable while braving the elements. For men, Boa Fleece Jackets and Parkas feature a thin, windproof film that keeps the warmth in and the cold out without hampering ease of movement. Furry Fleece Jackets incorporate recycled polyester in keeping with the brand’s uncompromising commitment to sustainability.


NEWS RELEASE UNIQLO DEBUTS NEW FALL/WINTER 2020 “SUSTAINABLE CITIES” COLLECTION TO CONTRIBUTE TO A BETTER FUTURE BY MINIMIZING THE ENVIRONMENT IMPACT OF CLOTHING UNIQLO knits are renowned for their comfortable, quality materials and sophisticated designs. The brand uses Cashmere, Extra Fine Merino wool and Premium Wool in basic items, and women’s 3D Knit pieces feature Souffle Yarn. For women, popular long knit coats, high-neck sweaters and hooded tunics incorporate soft and fluffy souffle yarn. 3D Knits come in cotton, Merino yarn and a premium wool-blend. The seamless technology enhances the fit by following the natural contours of the body. For men, Extra Fine Merino wool enables the brand to offer items in an array of bright colors. Special styling accents make jackets perfect for daily wear, and luxurious cashmere crew neck sweaters and colorful premium lambswool are available in casual yet sophisticated designs that stand the test of time.


UNIQLO works closely with its Jeans Innovation Center in Los Angeles to explore sustainable fabrics and create advanced jeans that deliver even greater quality and comfort. By the end of 2020, UNIQLO will reduce water usage by up to 99% in the finishing process for all jeans. Straight Jeans New for this season,

  • Straight Jeans

For men and women elongate the look of your legs, by featuring a straight cut from the waist down for modern and refined styling. Men’s dark jeans feature 100% selvedge denim from our partner Kaihara Corporation for a contemporary look. Ultra-Stretch Jeans Dramatically updated men’s and women’s

  • Ultra Stretch Jeans

Make them incredibly comfortable without compromising authenticity. The fabric is more elastic for the ultimate in stress-free wear. The brand responded to consumer feedback by making perfect black jeans more lint-free and fade-proof.

  • HEATTECH Jeans

HEATTECH Ultra Stretch Jeans feel warm the instant you put them on, reducing the need to bulk up with cumbersome layers to avoid winter chill.


New this season for women, UNIQLO is offering updated colors & patterns, as well as a tighter neckline on the HEATTECH Crewneck T-Shirt and a new lace version of the HEATTECH Ballet Neck T-Shirt and HEATTECH Bra Top. The brand will once again offer HEATTECH Waist Warmers and HEATTECH Body Shaper Bra Tops and Shorts in response to customer demand. For men, this season’s clothing is available in a myriad of vibrant colors, along with a new deep gray choice in the Extra Warm collection. The brand replaced half-sleeve Ultra Warm pieces with Long-Sleeve Tees; and Turtleneck and Crewneck T-Shirts will be available in five hues.

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