Trouble Andrew: The Real Buy

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Trouble Andrew, the Gucci Ghost

Trouble Andrew is not mocking Gucci; the artist just wanted Gucci to notice him; It’s hard to ignore the bond between fashion and art. Life is Gucci:


New York Fashion Week is not ready for artist Trevor “Trouble” Andrew, AKA the creator of  Gucci Ghost. His collection is on its way to Milk Gallery  for this  Summer Spring 207 Fashion Week. His exhibit is aptly named: “The Real Buy”.

gucci ghost

trouble andrew

trouble andrew

“The Real Buy” crosses the boundaries between art installation, live event and open work space that looks inside Trevor “Trouble” Andrew’s work space, raw DIY process of making his vision a reality with the creation of his Gucci Ghost art project.

This will be the first time the public will get to view his original works that were created before they became “Real”.

It is arguable that Gucci Ghost, aka “Trouble Andrew,” aka Trevor Andrew, is his most interesting and controversial project.

Andrew’s logo obsession led him to create his very own insignia: a cartoon Gucci-eyed ghost that would be drawn wherever he could lay his hands on. “There’s a lot of power behind logos. They represent beauty and greatness.


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Trouble Andrew: The Real Buy