Top 5 Fall Fashion Trends That Are Happening Now

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It’s always a thrill to see what the fashionistas and trendsetters are wearing on the street during Fashion Week. The trends for the fall are what is happening now and are shaping up to be good news for your wardrobe. We are seeing more and more of these trends coming straight off the runways to the streets and we can’t help to not shy away from the top five fall fashion trends. Keep scrolling to see more.

The Beret

fall fashion trends

A must-have of fashionistas, adding a cherry on top of any look. The classic hat is fashion-forward with a modern twist. A color to definitely get? Red! It’s a huge color of this season.

Cozy Cut-Out Sweater

fall fashion trends

The wearable crew-neck knit has become an editor approved fashion edit and have been seen throughout the fashion month.

Sock Boots

fall fashion trends

Currently, a favorite of fashion editors and the contour hugging material for this minimalist or  textured bootie makes an impactful stylish statement.

Circle Handle Bags

fall fashion trends

Big obsession for these structured shapes bags accented with metal or wooden circle handles. These cool bags don’t shy away from making an outfit look expensive.

Colored-Lens sunglasses

fall fashion trends

These shades give an eclectic and dynamic touch to basic palettes. If you like classic, basic palettes but enjoy an accessory that really serves a punch, this is one accessory to invest in!


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Top 5 Fall Fashion Trends That Are Happening Now