The Fashion Palette: Australian Womenswear S/S 2017

The Fashion Palette: Australian Womenswear S/S 2017

The Fashion Palette Australian RTW S/S 2017

Day 1 of NYFW:

September 8th marked the first day of New York Fashion Week! I went to Fashion Palette: Australian Womenswear Spring/Summer 2017. There were six designers featured at the show. In order of presentation was Con Ilio, Cristahlea, Stephanie Chehade, Homebodii, Sui Generis, and Milanja.


Con Ilio’s evening wear collection has a very beautiful color palette, consisting of black, white, dark green, and shades of nude and beige. Con Ilio had a variety of interesting textures and volumes. They have a lot of beautiful embroidery and embellishments. Most of the silhouettes were classical hourglass shaped. They were very fitted until the waist then the skirts flared out effortlessly.


Cristahlea showcased an effortless collection it had me feeling like I was in Paris, France in Versailles. It is a truly timeless collection. The silhouettes reminded be of Cristobal Balenciaga’s designs from the 1960’s. The dresses he designed were exaggerated hourglass silhouettes similar to Cristahlea. Cristahlea had a lot of glitter and shine and texture. Their use of embellishments was immaculate. The vintage floral and their lace/crochet dresses were stunning.


Stephanie Chehade showcased a black and white special occasion and sportswear collection. The high collars and plunge neck lines were very striking. The use of negative space was very engaging. They had a lot of cut outs and crochet knit inserts. The use of the skinny black belts with the garments is very smart. The belts cut of the body and the silhouettes perfectly.


Homebodii’s  collection is a fusion of intimate apparel and evening wear. The collection featured shades of pink, nude, and white. The silhouettes are very beautiful, and look very comfortable. If you are a homebody or not you will love their silk rompers, and silk and lace robes.


Sui Generis’ sportswear collection had such a fun color palette featuring purple, white, silver, pink, and black. The collection give off a futuristic feeling. The silhouettes are hourglass and slim fitting. It is interesting most of their neck lines were plunge v-necks.


Milanja’s sportswear collection color palette was white, beige, yellow/gold, and blue. The collection reminded me of Italian fashion and culture. The collection has a lot of interesting textures such as the beige brocade. They had a lot of plunge necklines and center front lacing. The sleeves were really interesting as well, there are a lot of slits and ruffles on the sleeves.

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