Stylish Compression Socks You Should Wear On Your Next Trip!

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Ever notice how tired you feel after traveling? You might have ridden in a car or a plane half of the day, but the sedentary confinement impacts our muscles and circulation causing leg fatigue and swelling. For travel days like these, you could use some compression therapy. There’s no need for plain white compression socks when Dr. Segal’s offers a fashionable alternative. Keeping the medical technology and adding style and design, Dr. Segal’s presents a compression sock men and women will actually want to wear in different prints and colors.


Stay Comfortable and Stylish During Your Next Trip with Dr. Segal’s

Dr. Segal’s Everyday Collection provides fast relief for anyone experiencing tired, achy legs or mild swelling. The mild compression is perfect for travelers who remain sedentary and cramped for a lengthy period of time.


Aside from designing socks that are fashionable and easy to wear, Dr. Segal’s offers your legs an upgrade with the following features:

  • Come in a breathable, cotton blend instead of nylon
  • Have a wide-top comfort band to prevent pinching, chafing and rolling down
  • Antimicrobial and silver-ion wash for odor and stain protection
  • Terry cushioning in the toes and heels for extra comfort
  • Flat-felled seam construction for no lumps or bumps


Choose a sock that not only looks great but does great things for your body as well! In addition to the Everyday Collection, Dr. Segal’s offers Diabetic and Medical Compression lines so no passenger has to travel in pain or embarrassment.


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Stylish Compression Socks You Should Wear On Your Next Trip!