Style Meets Comfort with Remo Tulliani Eyewear Collection

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By: Valerie Torres

As the days get longer and the temperature rises, a classic pair of Remo Tulliani sunglasses can define your entire summer. Having chic or dependable sunglasses may seem mutually exclusive at times, but Remo Tulliani has launched their “Foxy” Spring 2021 collection of sunglasses, which is a contemporary and geometric take on the cat-eye.

Made in Italy, a pair of the Tulliani “Foxy” sunglasses is sure to last the entire summer with shatter resistant lenses, and a hypoallergenic, and lightweight yet durable frame made of a high-strength plastic. They are also 95% UV and IR protective and are available in four colors including bronze-tortoise, black, rose, and sapphire. 


Each pair of the “Foxy” sunglasses is made to flatter and style your face, prioritizing the geometry of the math formula for our faces, that is, two eyes, two ears, and one nose (amongst other features). Tulliani emphasizes that the team has “worked [their] best to keep [their] collection inside those design details.” 


Remo Tulliani has identified themselves as a brand that is keen on details, all while producing the best quality of comfort and style at an affordable price. The “Foxy” sunglasses are available for $145 at 


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Style Meets Comfort with Remo Tulliani Eyewear Collection