On Finding A Defining Street Style

On Finding A Defining Street Style

Street Style is the perfect name for the fashion genre that’s been sweeping through the youngest generation. Effortless yet chic, street style aims to merge runway fashion and casual wear, transforming late night store runs and quick shopping sprees into fashion tournaments. Looks have always been everything, but street style doubles down on that idea. But for those who may not know how to rock a street style outfit, achieving that effortlessly fashionable look, it might seem hard to know where to start. Comfort, of course, is a priority– but looks are another. How, then, can you achieve both? It’s easier than you may think.

Street Style Never Forsakes Comfort

As stated earlier, street style is all about merging comfort and fashion. Creating simple but engaging looks is a key factor into how to elevate a look from being boring to chic– yet the key is to never do too much to your outfit. Keeping it simple is crucial. Surely no one wants to wear an uncomfortable outfit just to go to the supermarket, right? Making sure outfits are made of casual materials– cotton, wool, or linen for example– and loose-fitting are ways to ensure that the look doesn’t forsake comfort for style. In truth, there is actually a preference for wearing baggier, more breathable clothes. Take the outfit below, taken of a man in Nigeria wearing a leather and fur coat, along with looser fitting pants and sunglasses. It’s a comfortable looking outfit, and yet still somehow resembling something we’d see on the runway. 

Add Some Color to Your Style

Another easy way to emulate the ever popular street style is to add some color to an outfit. Pops of vibrant colors– reds, blues, yellows– or even more pastel colors can bring more attention to a look. Opposite from monochromatic outfits, which can be dull and unexciting depending on the style of clothing, outfits with color in them are simply more interesting to look at. (Especially as we head into spring and summer!) Fun colors make fun outfits, which is one of the main things street style is all about. A good example? Look no further than the photo below, where a person wears a yellow beanie and jacket to offset an otherwise simple outfit underneath it.

Have Fun With It

Last but not least, one of the best ways to emulate this style is to just have fun with it! Mix and match patterns, wear different colors. There is a certain freedom that comes with street style, one that disregards current trends (for the most part.) Rock a retro outfit, or fall into the throes of techcore– the choice is ultimately up to you. As long as you don’t forsake your comfort, try to add some vibrant hues to your outfit, and make sure it represents how you feel and your personality– you can wear a street style outfit with ease. 

Featured Photo by Siobhan Joodi on Unsplash

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