Private Policy SS20 Runway Collection

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Private Policy’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection was a call for Comm-unity. This collection represented overcoming challenges together and prevailing as one. This collection is a reminder for everyone that the oppressed need to unify with one another and stand up against the inequalities that the world can bring. Unity is not necessarily about fluffy love, it’s about consciousness and progression.


Photographer: Shana Trajanoska

The 2020 collection wanted you to experience not being afraid of confronting the powerful., to be inspired by the Stonewall Riot, and uniting to fight back. It liberates and empowers the wearer to go out there and protest with their mind and positive impact.

Utility 3D pockets, reinforced athletic style lines for movements, durable outdoor fabrics, and detachable harness bags, all is designed to allow the wearer to be ready for a protest anytime. In contrast, the colors of the collection are soft, which is a rejection of the New York spring palette: cherry blossom pink, witch-haze mellow yellow, and crisp park green, because we believe the rebellious and bravery can be a daily mentality. We don’t need to act like soldiers (or dress like them) to protest and stand up for our rights.


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Private Policy SS20 Runway Collection