Ports 1961 incredibly misguided SS18 Menswear Collection

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We’re all familiar with Black Lives Matter. “It is an affirmation of Black Folks’ contributions to this society, our humanity, and our resilience in the face of deadly oppression.” They are guided by many principles, a few being globalism, loving engagement and restorative justice. Now, after knowing all of that why would Ports 1961 send models down a runway donning misguided insignia “inspired” by BLM.  The messages on the crew necks and long sleeves read “Every Color Matters” and Only Love Matters” (fair statements in and of themselves but they aren’t of themselves so to speak. Their leaning on the Black Lives matter movement and the political climate du jour to sell clothes.) This isn’t the first and unfortunately won’t be the last time a brand boldly latches on to a poorly thought out way to include themselves in something they don’t fully understand (if they did, black models very peculiarly wouldn’t be the only one styled in these ridiculous pieces.) The trousers that were styled with the looks were emblazoned with the word RESIST following a hashtag. And of all the simple black trousers shown the only ones that had the message were worn exclusively by black models. This whole thing is just incredibly #sad and if you did need to exploit movements to push garments I’m positive there are a plethora of other more mindful ways to have done so.


Ports 1961


Ports 1961




Ports 1961


Ports 1961


Watch the full show here, and give us your opinion in the comments section.


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Ports 1961 incredibly misguided SS18 Menswear Collection