Party on Amazon! 7 Favorite Fall Finds!

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1. Baabuk

Step into fall with the perfect pair of shoes! Swiss brand Baabuk makes sneakers, boots and slippers from wool while ensuring responsible sourcing and production. As a B Corp certified company, Baabuk meets the global non-profit organization’s exacting guidelines for social and environmental performance as well as for how their company’s operations and business model impacts their workers, community, environment and customers.

Price $89.95+

2. Breadcrumb

Need to find your way back as the days get darker? … Great for trick or treaters too!! This 2×2 tracking devices easily attaches to a backpack, arm band or back pocket and is Bluetooth enabled to locate a person whether there is cell service or not!

Price $39.99


As stress levels ramp up, remember to Stay hydrated and on track with your fitness goals. With the Drink More H20 bottle, you can see time markers with motivational phrases to keep you on track! This 36oz bottle shows you where you should be by the hour while encouraging you to start again when it’s time!

Price $24.97

4. Sherman Shades by Lucyd

Protect your eyes this fall with a pair of blue light blocking Sherman Shades by Lucyd!

This collection includes four limited edition styles in partnership with San Francisco 49ers Cornerback Richard Sherman. The Cool Down glasses have a brand new type of blue light blocking lens never before sold in the US—autotinting haze master. It blocks 40% of blue light and tints darker in sunlight for indoor/outdoor protection!

Price: $39.99

5. Buddha Board

Take your mind off the hustle and bustle! Falling leaves remind us of the art of letting go and so does Buddha Board! The Buddha Board is a relaxation tool that encourages creative expression, being in the moment, and letting go using only water, a bamboo brush and a clean slate.

With each brush stroke your worries are transformed into a work of art and then sent off into the universe as the water dries and the image disappears.

Price $14.95-$34.95

6. Yes Cocktail Co

Keep the relaxation coming with the perfect fall mixers! Say cheers to autumn with Stone Pine Citrus Mixer or choose from craft mixes specifically designed for your favorite spirit.

Price: $24.95

7. Codi Robot

As the weather cools down and kids head back indoors, keep them entertained without having them glued to the TV or YouTube. Eliminate screen time without eliminating the entertainment with Codi! Codi is an AI-enabled toy that provides children with classic songs and stories, and even encourages good habits (like naps, clean-up, brushing teeth) to provide developmental support while they aren’t in the classroom.

Price: $99.99


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Party on Amazon! 7 Favorite Fall Finds!