NYFW: New York Men’s Day Recap

NYFW: New York Men’s Day Recap

NYFW kicks off with New York Men’s Day where gender fluid and menswear collections make their debut for the upcoming seasons of fall 2020, spring and summer 2021.


APOTTS – Spring/Summer 2021

This gender fluid collection was inspired by the early 1900s with its fabric serving as a reminder of the slavery and servitude that took place in America. It’s full of light and dark beige/brown earthy tones as well as some light colored denim. The majority of the pieces are oversized which adds a breezy lightness to each look. The sheering and ruffles that are prominent in some pieces adds a delicate touch of child like innocence.


David Hart – Season-less Collection 2021

This line was influenced by the artwork of Peter Harley where he incorporates boxy angular shapes into vibrant pieces. The rich lively colors present throughout the collection brings energy into 2021. Each piece has modern undertones mixed with vertical perfection. Oversized coats and bucket hats seem to be a theme as well as turtle necks layered into the majority of the looks.


Carter Young – Spring/Summer 2021

American individualism and freedom was the main inspiration for this menswear collection which is reminiscent of the 70s highlighted by wide leg tailored trousers, open blazers, and necklines hugged by large collars. Crimson, brown and beige tones is favorited throughout the collection. Carter Young brings youthful sophistication to 2021 with each piece.


Stan – Spring/Summer 2021

“Surf culture” in Southern California was the main influence for this menswear line. Quilted patterns sewed into long oversized coats and fitted blazers throughout the collection holds stories adding a vintage tone to each piece. The sandy muted tones prevalent throughout the line are comparable to colors that you would find at the beach. 


Future Lover’s of Tomorrow – Fall/Winter 2020

Streetwear and athletic wear was the inspiration for this menswear collection. It continues with the current cargo pants trend which have so far dominated 2019 and 2020. The button down flannels, jackets, and hoodies represent a laid back casual look with dark tones perfect for the fall/winter.


Ka Wa Key – Spring/Summer 2021

The gender neutral collection aims to represent “home.” The line consists of soft pastel colors with a variety of knitted pieces coated in horizontal stripped patterns. The airy loose fitted pieces adds to a feeling of outside/open field freshness to it. The cardigans and turtlenecks contribute to a feeling of home as it alludes to knitted comfort. There is also a hint of 70s realness in this collection due to the wide leg fit of trousers and overalls.  


Official Rebrand – Spring/Summer 2021

“Anti waste urgency, and social unrest” screams throughout this collection as it motivated each design. The color scheme of these loose fitted pieces involved a lot of earth tones such as light and dark blues, beiges and greys to help represent those ideas. Bermuda shorts and oversized hats are envisioned for the spring/summer as these pieces make its debut throughout the line. 


Teddy Vonranson – Spring/Summer 2021

This collection represents modern sophistication with a splash of neutral beach toned colors to wake up each piece for warmer weather. Stripes and denim seem to be the ongoing theme for this line as well as blazers and cowboy boots to add a clean cut touch to each look.


Timo Weiland – Spring/Summer 2021

This polished and sophisticated line symbolizes simplicity as it leaves the need for patterns behind. Bright colors soften the each look consisting of  blazers, vests, bermuda shorts, and tailored pants paired with sandals.


Wataru Tominaga – Spring/Summer 2021

This collection brightens up the seasons with playful floral patterns and hints of the color mustard sprinkled throughout the looks. The oversized pieces emphasizes comfort, and also have traces of a rainbow patterns which highlights the bright youthful theme in this collection.


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