New Collab: Montblanc x BAPE

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With its iconic product designs, original patterns and motifs, BAPE® (or A Bathing Ape®) has been influencing the world of style since it first emerged in the streets of Tokyo, Japan in 1993. A favourite among fashion mavens and urban creative communities around the world, the Japanese brand brings its disruptive and unconventional character to a new unexpected collection of Montblanc business bags and accessories.  MONTBLANC X BAPE®, a one-off collaboration between two iconic brands, pairs a signature BAPE® camouflage print design with the fine leather craftsmanship of Montblanc.


MB Sartorial1PenPouchwZip CamoGrnBPLOC 125350 , MB Sartorial Wallet 6cc CamoGrnBP LOC 125349
MB SartorialPortfolio CamoGrnBP LOC 125348
MB SartorialPortfolio CamoGrnBP LOC 125348

“This collaboration is the result of two universes merging – a luxury Maison and an urban street wear maverick. While they may seem to be very different, they are bound by the same focus on creativity,” explains Zaim Kamal, Montblanc Creative Director. “These are pieces designed for individuals driven by creativity; who dare to make a bold statement through pieces they choose to accompany them through life.”

Each piece is made of Saffiano printed leather with A Bathing Ape®’s signature green ABC camo pattern in vibrant shades of green and brown.  Adhering to the DNA of Montblanc leather goods, the collection balances both aesthetics with functionality to ensure the bags and accessories are life-enhancing to their owner. The limited collection features a slim document case with storage for portable technology including a laptop, as well as a medium portfolio to carry documents and smaller technology. A matching pen pouch and a wallet with storage for six credit cards complete the MONTBLANC X BAPE® collection.

The MONTBLANC X BAPE® limited edition collection is the latest addition to Montblanc’s travel assortment focused on enhanced mobility, style, reliability and performance. The product offering will be available in selected Montblanc boutiques and BAPE stores soon.


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New Collab: Montblanc x BAPE